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Renewal Dashboards

These dashboards show data on the progress of the Vermont Medicaid renewal process since it began in April 2023. Learn more about what to know about renewals and how the process works.

Summary Overview

This dashboard shows the overall outcomes of Medicaid renewals. Updated quarterly.

Graphic of overall VT Medicaid renewal outcomes

Summary dashboard: accessible and printer-friendly version

Monthly Activity

This dashboard shows data on the month-by-month activity of the renewal process. Updated monthly.

Graphic of May 2024 VT Medicaid renewal dashboard

Monthly dashboard: accessible and printer-friendly version

      Enrollment Updates

      This dashboard shows updates to monthly renewal activity. It includes members who have re-enrolled in Medicaid or signed up for a Qualified Health Plan or other coverage. Updated monthly.

      Image of VT Medicaid Dashboard update


      Overview dashboard

      • Enrolled in QHP or other State of Vermont programs: Population who went through the Medicaid renewal process and are enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) or VPharm (a prescription assistance program).
      • Medicaid Ended: Population who went through the Medicaid renewal process and are not enrolled in a QHP, the MSP or VPharm.

      Monthly activity

      • Automatic: Population renewed "ex parte" or automatically without requiring a renewal form.
      • Manual: Population renewed after completing a renewal form.
      • Renewal Pending: Renewal applications that are still being processed or require verification.
      • Ineligible: Population whose Medicaid ended because they no longer meet the eligibility criteria.
      • Administrative: Population whose Medicaid ended for procedural reasons, such as failure to respond.

      Enrollment updates

      • Enrolled in QHP: Population who selected a Qualified Health Plan through Vermont Health Connect.
      • Other: Members whose coverage status is not confirmed, and no further information is available. Examples could be members who now have Employer Sponsored Insurance or no longer have health insurance.