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Information for Non-Citizens

Which immigrants can get health insurance from Vermont Health Connect?

Immigrants must have eligible immigration status. This means they must be in the U.S. legally. This includes refugees, asylees, victims of trafficking and many others. To see the full list of immigrants who can get health insurance, CLICK HERE.

In Vermont, you can also get Medicaid if you are a legal immigrant who is:

  • Pregnant OR
  • Under age 21

Do you have eligible immigration status and live in Vermont? Then you can get Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur from Vermont Health Connect. OR you can get health care insurance, also called a qualified health plan. The rules for which immigrants can get insurance are different for each program.

You can apply for health insurance here.

Getting or applying for Medicaid will NOT hurt your immigration status. Learn more about the public charge rule.

Are you a recent evacuee from Afghanistan or Ukraine? You can apply for Medicaid and our other health insurance programs. 

There are 2 refugee resettlement agencies that will help you apply. Call US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) at 802-655-1963. Or call Carmilla Tarmy at 802-579-1793 or email her at at Ethiopian Community Development Council Multicultural Community Center (ECDC-MCC). 

Act 48 (H.430) of 2021 created a new, state-funded health care program for pregnant individuals and children who have an immigration status for which Vermont Medicaid is not available. This program is called the Immigrant Health Insurance Plan (IHIP). IHIP launched July 1, 2022. More information, including how to apply, can be found at the DVHA webpage Immigrant Health Insurance Plan (IHIP).