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Afghan Evacuees Can Apply for Medicaid and Other Health Insurance Now

Were you already approved for Medicaid or other health insurance?  Here are things you need to know.  

If you don’t speak or read English, call Customer Service for free at 1-855-899-9600. We are open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. You can get free interpreters on the phone. Tell us if you need notices or other information written in your language.

A refugee resettlement agency will help you apply. Call US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) at 802-655-1963. Or call Joe Wiah at 240-731-9211 or email him at at Ethiopian Community Development Council Multicultural Community Center (ECDC-MCC). There is information below that tells them things they need to know to apply for you. Click on this link to get a copy of this page to keep or print.

Most Evacuees can get Medicaid. But evacuees must meet income and all other rules that are not about immigration status.

  • If approved, Medicaid starts on the first day of the month the application was received.
  • Do you have unpaid medical bills? Medicaid can sometimes go back for up to 3 months. But you must meet the rules, including living in Vermont.

What if you can’t get Medicaid? If you meet the rules, you may get:

  • Refugee Medicaid Assistance -- covers the same health care services as Medicaid. It starts the month you move to Vermont and lasts for 8 months.
  • A Qualified Health Plan -- is private health insurance through Vermont Health Connect. You may also get help paying for your health insurance.

Know your rights and responsibilities. In Pashto. In Dari.

How to Apply for Health Insurance for Afghan Evacuees.

Are you at a refugee resettlement agency and helping an Afghan Evacuee apply?

 1. Use the Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs (205ALLMED).

  • Download it and fill it out. Both you and the applicant must sign it.

 2. When filling out the application, consider:

  • Social Security Number (Step 2, Question 7) – If the person doesn’t have a Social Security Number, leave these questions blank.
  • Questions about filing taxes (Step 2, Question 8) – If they get a Qualified Health Plan, they may get help paying for it. BUT they must say they will be filing a U.S. income tax return. They must file jointly if married.
  • Eligible immigration status (Step 2, Question 14) – Answer “yes.”
After the application is filled out.
  1. Please do NOT mail the application.
  2. Print the application. After both you and the applicant sign it, scan it.
  3. Send a secure email to:
  • In the subject line, put “Afghan Evacuee application.”
  • Attach the scan of the signed application.
  • Attach copies of immigration documents for each person who is applying. Acceptable documents include the I-94 (arrival/departure record card) or a stamped passport.
  • Attach Appendix A to be the person’s authorized representative. This will let us talk to you about their health benefits.
  • Include the case manager’s email. We will contact you with application questions and eligibility results. We will also tell you of any next steps that might be needed.
Have questions?

Need more information? Email Nathan Byrne at You can also call Nathan at 802-871-3932. To get the fastest response, please send an email. Phone messages are not checked daily.

Using your Medicaid and other health insurance to get health care.