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Refugee Medical Assistance

Refugee Medical Assistance has the same service and coverage as Medicaid. Refugees and Asylees can keep it for 12 months from their date of entry.

You can get Refugee Medical Assistance IF you meet these rules:

  • You are not eligible for regular Medicaid.
  • You apply within 12 months from your date of entry.
  • You give the name of the agency that resettled you.
  • You meet the income rules found here on the internet.
  • You meet the immigration or asylee status and identification rules OR you are a dependent child of parent who meet these rule AND you are part of the same assistance group as your parents.
  • You are NOT a full-time college or university student
    • Unless the State approved it as part of an employability plan
    • OR approved it as part of a plan for a child under age 18 immigrating alone.

** Do you get refugee cash assistance but can't get Medicaid/Dr. Dynasaur? The you can get Refugee Medical Assistance. You don't have to apply for or get refugee cash assistance first.

To find out more, call Vermont Health Connect at 1-855-899-9600