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Click here to get a pdf version of these instructions.

Step 1

  1. Take clear pictures of the
    documents you need to send
    us. You can use a smart-phone,
    tablet or digital camera. You can
    also upload a pdf file.
  2. Go to on the internet.
    Use the newest version of your
    internet browser.
  3. Log in to the document
    uploader. If you don’t have
    an account, create a new
    account (see the other side for
  4. On the fi rst page, click
    Healthcare”. Then click

Step 2

  1. You will see a new page. Click
    on “Long Term Care”. Then
    click “Continue”.
  2. The next pages ask questions
    about your account. Answer the
    questions and click “Continue”.

Step 3

  1. The next page lets you upload
    the documents we asked for.
    You can add more than one
    document by clicking “Add
    another document
  2. If you are an authorized
    representative for someone
    else, please upload your auth
    rep document. You will need
    to do this EVERY TIME you
    upload forms for this person.
  3. When you’re done, click
    Finish and submit”.