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Create an Account in 3 Easy Steps

Click here to get a pdf version of these instructions.



Step 1

  1. Go to ahsuploader.vermont.
     on the internet. Use the newest
    version of your internet browser
  2. On the first page, click “Create an


Step 2

  1. You will see a new page.
    Enter your email address
    and password for your new
  2. An email will be sent to the
    email address you gave us.
    Open the email and click
    Activate Account”.
  3. Some users might see a page
    that says “Vermont Agency
    of Human Services Portal”.
    If you see this page, click
    Document Uploader” to

Step 3

  1. Enter your personal information
    and click “Complete account
  2. You will see a screen that
    says “Your account has been
    created.” Click “Continue to the
    document uploader
    ” to sign
    in to your account and upload