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Change Healthcare Billing Information

Change Healthcare is Vermont's Pharmacy Benefit Administrator. They process pharmacy claims and prior authorizations. Provider inquiries should be directed to Change Healthcare.
Change Healthcare Clinical Help Desk 
Phone: 1-844-679-5363   Fax: 1-844-679-5366
Change Healthcare Pharmacy Help Desk
Phone: 1-844-679-5362


Manual Claim Form - VTPOP

Manual Claim Form - VTPARTD

NCPDP D.0 Payer Sheets and Information
      The following Payer Sheets can be located at: Change Health Care

  • VTPOP NCPDP D.0 Payer Sheet
  • VTPARTD NCPDP D.0 Payer Sheet
  • VT Preliminary Production Ready Notice
  • VT Payer Sheet Differences Summary