Private Nonmedical Institutions for Residential Child Care (PNMI)

The State of Vermont funds a network of treatment facilities for children and adolescents with emotional behavior and other challenges through Private Nonmedical Institutions (PNMI) for Residential Child Care, part of the State's Medicaid program. The facilities provide treatment for children and adolescents and families which is designed to build on their strengths and return children to their homes and communities whenever possible and appropriate.


The Division of Rate Setting is implementing changes to its rules, Methods, Standards and Principles for Establishing Medicaid Payment Rates for Private Nonmedical Institutions Providing Residential Child Care Services.  

The Adopted Rule is available by clicking on the PNMI link below.

The PNMI program in Vermont is administered through an inter-agency group of Placement Authorizing Departments (PADs) including Department for Children and Families (DCF), Agency of Education (AOE), Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP), Economic Services Division (ESD) (formerly PATH) of Department for Children and Families, and Department of Mental Health. Representatives from these departments serve on a Central Review Committee (CRC) which reviews referrals for residential care to determine the level of need and approve placement.

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