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The DVHA COVID-19 page contains important information about the Department’s actions in response to the COVID-19 Emergency. Some actions are required by the federal government due to the declaration of a federal public health emergency while other actions were taken by DVHA to help Vermonters access health care during this time. Thus, these actions may last for different lengths of time. This page will be updated when an activity ends, re-starts, or changes.

  • Front-Line Employees Hazard Pay Grant Program
  • Health Care Provider Stabilization Grant Program

Clinical Information:


Vermont Medicaid has:

  • Eliminated co-payments for hospital outpatient services;
  • Eliminated co-payments for medications that may be used to treat the symptoms of COVID-19.

These changes ensure that no co-payments apply to COVID-19 testing, diagnosis, and treatment services. (3/31/2020)

Durable Medical Equipment:

Eligibility and Enrollment: (updated 6/12/2020)

Vermont Health Connect website

In order to manage our COVID-19 response, our temporary call center hours for Member Services will be 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, Vermont is facilitating initial and continuous health care enrollment by:

  • Temporarily waiving financial verifications required for those seeking to enroll in health insurance;
  • Extending Medicaid coverage periods (meaning the Department is not processing the annual “reviews” that could result in loss of Medicaid) until after the emergency ends;
  • Not ending Medicaid coverage during the Emergency period unless the customer requests it;
  • See below for more information on how Vermont is implementing these changes for Long-Term Care Medicaid.
  • Temporarily waiving Dr. Dynasaur premiums, beginning with the April bills for the premium due in May;
  • Offering a Special Enrollment Period for those who do not currently have health insurance to enroll in a qualified health plan and receive premium and cost-sharing assistance, if eligible. (Eligible Vermonters can continue to apply for, and enroll in, Medicaid at any time). This Special Enrollment Period was open through August 14, 2020.

Grant Programs:

Health Updates:

(For all up-to-date health updates regarding COVID-19, please visit the Vermont Department of Health website)

  • In our ongoing effort to help protect the health and safety of Vermonters, the Vermont Department of Health has additional information to help prevent COVID-19 transmission. Visit the Masks on Vermont campaign to learn more.
  • For additional FDA guidance about hand sanitizers, please visit the website FDA Updates on Hand Sanitizers with Methanol.

Long-Term Care Medicaid:
  • Vermont temporarily accepted self-attestations for applicants for Long-Term Care Medicaid. For applications received on and after October 5, 2020, normal processes apply, including verification of income, resources, and review of the transfer of assets during the 60-month look back period. More time will be allowed to provide requested verification.  
  • The review period for Long-Term Care Medicaid members who had a review scheduled during the emergency period will be extended.
  • All Provider questions and concerns should be sent via EMAIL to the DVHA LTC Management Team at:

Pharmacy Information:

Provider Assistance:

Provider Billing Information:

The cost of PPE is not eligible for Medicaid reimbursement and any costs associated with the purchase of PPE may not be charged to Medicaid members. PPE are considered supplies that are incidental to a provider’s practice and may not be billed separately. Providers are required to submit claims for all Medicaid covered services and may not request payment from a Medicaid enrolled individual at the time of service. Vermont Medicaid cannot reimburse the member for services. To ensure access to care for Vermont Medicaid members, the Agency of Human Services has offered financial opportunities for providers and has developed a proposal for health care provider stabilization. As more information will be forthcoming, providers should continue to visit this webpage for the most up-to-date information. (6/10/2020)

Telehealth, Telemedicine and Telephonic Coverage:
(For additional information visit the DVHA Telehealth webpage)

Uninsured Vermonters:


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