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Vermont Communications Toolkit for Medicaid Renewal Process

This information was posted during the Medicaid renewal restart period, which ended May 2024.

Vermonters currently enrolled in Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur will once again see renewal notices in their mailboxes. Starting in April, we will contact Vermonters when it is time for them to renew. No one's Medicaid will simply end. Some Vermonters will have their Medicaid renewed automatically. Some Vermonters will no longer qualify for Medicaid, and they will have the opportunity to get different health coverage.

The Department of Vermont Health Access has already been reaching out to customers. We are asking them to update their contact information. We want to make sure that customers' mailing address, email address and phone numbers are correct. We want to reach out and ensure they get important information about their health coverage.

By sharing the message about Medicaid renewals, we can better support Vermonters through this change. Can you spread the word to your patients, as well as you friends, family and neighbors? If you share the message on this page, you can help more Vermonters stay covered by health insurance. Keep checking back for more materials to share.

This toolkit consists of:

Overview and Sample Drop-in articles

Use these sample drop-in articles below to help educate and encourage people to learn more about the Medicaid renewal process. If you found these articles helpful and used the content to spread the word, we'd love to know. Feel free to write us at with how you got the word out.

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Handouts, Posters and Flyers




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    Sample social media posts

    Use our social posts and the #StayInsuredVT hashtag to engage in the conversation during the Medicaid renewal process. Encourage your followers to:

    Also encourage your followers to visit and learn more about Vermont's health insurance marketplace.

    Update contact information

    Medicaid Renewals are starting

    Don't miss this letter

    No longer eligible for Medicaid?

    Financial help paying for a health plan

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    Outreach Videos -- NEW

    Use these videos - in English and Spanish - to raise awareness of the Medicaid Renewal process.

    Enrollee outreach video :60 - English

    Enrollee outreach video :30 - English

    Enrollee outreach video :15 - English

    Enrollee outreach video :60 - Spanish

    Enrollee outreach video :30 - Spanish

    Enrollee outreach video :15 - Spanish

    Town Hall Presentation

    The Department of Vermont Health Access held a virtual town hall, entitled "Medicaid renewals start in April: What you need to know" on February 24.

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    More about Health Insurance

    Vermonters who no longer qualify for Medicaid will have the opportunity to get different health coverage. The primary option will be a Qualified Health Plan from Vermont Health Connect. The resources and videos below explain health insurance. They can help you understand how health insurance works, how to choose a plan, and how to get the most from your plan.

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