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State Medicaid Pharmacy Claims Contractor Experiences Cyber Security Issue and Service Outages

February 23, 2024

Change Healthcare, which operates Vermont's Medicaid pharmacy claims system, experienced a significant cyber security issue this week which has impacted pharmacies and providers across Vermont and New England. Optum Solutions, the parent company of Change Healthcare, is working to resolve the current service outages and continues to update the Department of Vermont Health Access. This outage is expected to continue through the weekend, and Optum has not provided a timeline for when full service will be restored.

The Department has issued instructions to Medicaid enrolled pharmacies, provides, and members on how to best maintain pharmacy access while this issue is ongoing. We are committed to ensuring that all Vermonters are able to continue to access their prescriptions through Medicaid and are working directly with pharmacies across the state to minimize the impact of this outage.

At this time, Change Healthcare has informed that Department that they do not believe any of our confidential member or patient information was compromised. The Department feels confident that this breach did not impact and State of Vermont systems directly, and that our State systems remain secure. Dedicated staff members within the Agencies of Human Services and Digital Services are working to ensure that we are responsive to the developing situation.

We are asking for patience from all our members and clinical professionals. The Department is working to ensure pharmacy access and we will keep all our members and partners informed as the situation continues to develop.