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The Tools to Stay on Top of Your Care

In compliance with the Interoperability and Patient Access rule, Vermont Medicaid allows you to link your health information with the computer health records application (app) of your choice. Once linked, you can easily access the information you need through a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch:

  • Access health claims data, including treatment history and prescriptions.
  • Track medical claims.

What You Need to Know About the Patient Access Rule

  • The Rule does not allow Vermont Medicaid to require or recommend an app.
  • Although Vermont Medicaid provides a secure way of storing your data and a secure way of allowing the third-party app to access your data, Vermont Medicaid has no control over what is done with the data once it is downloaded to the app.
  • The third-party app may not be subject to HIPAA privacy and security regulations.


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