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Protecting Your Privacy

Before selecting an app, make sure it has strong security standards. Ask yourself:

  • Does this app provide an easy-to-read privacy policy that clearly explains how it will use my data? (If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t use it.)
  • What is the app’s reputation? How long has it been in use?
  • What health data will the app collect? Will it collect non-health data from my device, such as my location?
  • Will my data be stored in a de-identified or anonymized form?
  • How will the app use my data?
  • Will the app disclose my data to third parties? If so, with whom — advertising or research organizations? For what purpose?
  • How can I limit the app’s use and disclosure of my data?
  • What security measures does the app use to protect my data?
  • By sharing my data with this app, what impact could it have on others, such as family members?
  • How can I access my data and correct inaccuracies?
  • Does the app have a process for collecting and responding to user complaints?
  • If I no longer want to use the app, how do I terminate its access to my health information?
  • What is the policy for deleting my data once I terminate access? Do I have to do more than just delete the app from my device?


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"data privacy" by stockcatalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0.