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Premium Pay for Workforce Recruitment and Retention Grants Now Open to Primary Care, Dental Offices, and TCRs

January 31, 2023

In March 2022, Governor Scott authorized $60 million for ten types of health care and social service providers to provide premium pay for workforce recruitment and retention. In 2022, 140 health care and social service employers were awarded premium pay grants during the first round of funding.

A second round of funding is now available to applicants who were not funded in the first round, with three additional employer types invited to apply between February 8 and February 27, 2023. These employer types are 1) primary care practices, 2) dentists' offices or dental facilities, 3) therapeutic community residences.

Employers from the first ten eligible provider groups are allowed to apply for the second round of funding if they did not receive a grant during the first round. For the second round, employers must have a demonstrated need for a grant.

Potential applicants are encouraged to start by reviewing: 

The online application itself doesn't take long to fill out.  The process will go more smoothly if applicants take the two lengthier steps in advance:

1) Register for a unique entity identifier at, if the applicant organization doesn't already have one, and ensure the account is set to ‘public.’

2) Fill out the “FTE Summary Spreadsheet.” Applicants have two options to choose from:

Potential applicants are also invited to join a Round 2 Kick-off Webinar on Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 12 noon to ask questions about the Program Guidance and FTE Summary Spreadsheet.

Click here to join the webinar.

A recording of the webinar will be posted at Premium Pay for Workforce Recruitment and Retention | Agency of Human Services ( and additional sessions will be held in the coming weeks.