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Incontinence Supplies

Starting August 15, 2023, you must order incontinence supplies from ActivStyle. 

This includes:  

  • diapers 

  • pull-up or pull-on briefs  

  • under pads, like Chuxs  

  • underwear guard or shield liners  

This change will make it easier for you to get supplies. Call ActivStyle for free at 1-800-506-1148. They are open Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 7 PM (Central Time). They will get your doctor’s name so they can get a prescription. They will talk to you about what supplies you need. 

To learn more about ActivStyle:  

Have questions? Call the Green Mountain Care Customer Support Center at 1-800-250-8427

**Vermont Medicaid Providers - For additional information, please visit the provider Incontinence Supplies DVHA webpage.