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Vermont Announces Continuous Medicaid Eligibility for Children Under Age 19

January 22, 2024

Waterbury, VT - Today, Vermont is announcing extended Medicaid coverage for children under the age of 19. The extended coverage means that once children qualify for Medicaid, even if they no longer qualify, they typically will not lose coverage until their annual enrollment period.

“Children are among our most vulnerable people in Vermont, and avoiding gaps in health insurance is the right thing to do for our kids,” said Jenney Samuelson, Secretary of Vermont’s Agency of Human Services. “High-quality health care supports children’s well-being along with outside factors such as school readiness.”

Having health insurance is a protective factor that keeps the door open to health care services and helps Vermonters avoid expensive medical bills. The coverage change means that children who qualify for Medicaid will be covered by Medicaid insurance for longer in many cases. This would be a major benefit for preventing harmful gaps in health coverage for children. Research has consistently shown that access to health care leads to improved health and well-being for children and promotes health equity.[1] [2]

The Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) administers Vermont’s Medicaid program, a state and federal partnership. Vermont Medicaid is open to people who qualify based on income and other factors such as age, disability, blindness, or pregnancy.

“Extending Medicaid coverage for children is bound to have positive effects on children’s health and well-being in the short and long term, and it helps Vermonters avoid surprise medical bills,” said DVHA Acting Commissioner Addie Strumolo, “Vermont’s Medicaid program is comprehensive and shows our commitment to health and well-being for our whole population.”

The coverage change beginning January 1, 2024, is required for all states as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023. Under the new rules, children can stay on Medicaid for 12 months after they are first enrolled, or their eligibility is renewed, with a few exceptions. Medicaid coverage may end 12 months from the date the child was determined eligible, for example, if the child is no longer a state resident or turns 19 years old.

Vermont also recently extended automatic Medicaid coverage from 60 days to 12 months after giving birth.



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