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What does health care quality mean to you?

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For many people, quality in health care is how they feel about their doctor. If they are able to get appointments when they want and need them, they feel that they are receiving quality health care. 

That IS a big part of Quality, but we should also look at:
·         Does Medicaid establish practice guidelines?
·         Does Medicaid perform well on standard performance measures?
·         Is IMPROVING performance important to Medicaid?


Please click on any of the topics below to learn more about Medicaid’s big picture approach to Quality:

Experience of Care

Results of annual satisfaction survey

Performance Measures

How are we doing?

Quality Management Activities

Summary of quality efforts

Performance Improvement Projects

Projects that use a standard improvement framework
These topics are also all covered in the Vermont Medicaid Quality Management Plan.
Please call the Quality Unit at (802) 879-5900 if you have a question.