ACT 48: Funding for Providers

November 15, 2021:

The State has released Phase I of the grant opportunity for providers to receive funding for delivering health care services to pregnant individuals and children who would be eligible for Vermont Medicaid EXCEPT for their immigration status in accordance with Act 48 (H.430) of 2021. Currently, grant agreements are under review by Blueprint for Health Administrative Entities to finalize details of participation.  More specific information about the community arrangements in each health service area will be posted to this website as grant agreements are executed.

As a result, the State is opening Phase II of the grant opportunity for providers. Health care services delivered for dates of service on/after July 1, 2021 will be eligible for funding through both Phase I and Phase II of the grant opportunity. This funding will provide a bridge to the state-funded program that will begin summer of 2022 if the Vermont Legislature provides funding for the program during the next legislative session. 

Providers/Practices are strongly encouraged to read the Frequently Asked Questions document. If the provider is employed by, or has executed a contract with, a Blueprint for Health program Administrative Entity, the funding may be distributed to the provider under a grant agreement between the Department of Vermont Health Access and the Blueprint Administrative Entity if all requirements of Act 48 (2021) and the grant agreement are met. Providers are encouraged to contact their local Blueprint for Health Program Manager if they are uncertain if they are covered under an agreement executed between the Department of Vermont Health Access and the Blueprint Administrative Entity.

For providers who are not covered by their Blueprint Administrative Entity, they may apply for funding directly. This will require the provider to execute a separate agreement with the Department of Vermont Health Access. Providers may find this Grant agreement and associated documents at the Vermont Business Registry.

Emergency Medicaid is Still Available:

Although some people have an immigration status that means they can’t get Medicaid, they may be able to have their emergency care paid.

What is an emergency?

  1. Labor and delivery if you are pregnant;
  2. Sudden, dangerous medical problems like heart attacks or being hurt in an accident.

How does someone get emergency care paid for?

  1. Apply for Medicaid.
  2. If your care meets the rules, Medicaid will pay some or all of the bills.

To find out more information:

Visit this webpage for regular updates or contact the Office of the Health Care Advocate.


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