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Exchange Advisory Group Members

last modified 11/07/2011 - 12:48 PM

Health Benefits Exchange Advisory Group Members

Rep. Mark Larson

Chair, House Health Care

Co-chair, Health Care Reform Commission

Rep. Mike Fisher

Co-chair, House Health Care

Rep. Mitzi Johnson

House Appropriations Committee

Clair Ayer

Chair, Senate Health and Welfare Committee

Kevin Mullin

Co-chair, Senate Health and Welfare Committee

Jane Kitchel

Co-chair, Health Care Reform Commission

Donna Sutton Fay

Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security

Trinka Kerr

Legal Aid and Ombudsman's Office

Lake Champlain Chamber of CommerceVermont Chamber of Commerce
Vermont Medical SocietyVermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
Bi-State Primary Care Association

Joe Normandy

Vermont Insurance Agents Association

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont Cigna
 MVP Health Care

 Floyd Nease

Vermont Association for Mental Health

 Vermont State Employees Association National Education Association
 Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

 Tasha Wallis

Vermont Retail Association