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Global Commitment Register: Proposed Policies

last modified 05/24/2019 - 04:45 PM

This page contains proposed policies to the Global Commitment Register (GCR) for the Medicaid program. The proposed polices below are open to public comment. Click on the title of the GCR proposed policy to learn more and find out how to provide public comment.


To access the final policies and policy clarifications in the Global Commitment Register, click here.



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  • GCR 18-127: Substance Use Disorder State Plan Update
    • Draft State Plan pages: Attachment 3.1-A pages 6a and 6b
    • Comment Period: 12/27/18 - 1/28/19
    • Send comments to: Medicaid Policy Unit, 280 State Drive, Waterbury, Vermont 05671-1000

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  • GCR 18-060 through 18-064: Health Benefits Eligibility and Enrollment Rules Updates (10/30/18)
    • Health Benefits Eligibility and Enrollment Rules Updates (9/5/18)
      • GCR 18-060: HBEE Part 1 - General Provisions and Definitions
      • GCR 18-061: HBEE Part 2 - Eligibility Standards
      • GCR 18-062: HBEE Part 3 - Nonfinancial Eligibility Requirements
      • GCR 18-063: HBEE Part 5 - Financial Methodologies
      • GCR 18-064: HBEE Part 7 - Eligibility and Enrollment Procedures
      • FORMATTING CHANGE ONLY: HBEE Part 4 - Special Rules for Medicaid Coverage of Long-Term Care Services and Supports - Eligibility and Post-Eligibility
      • The comment period ended October 16, 2018. No comments were received.



  • GCR 18-058: RBRVS Fee Schedule Update
    • Draft Global Commitment Amended State Plan Page: Attachment 4.19-B page 10
    • The comment period ended 6/30/18. One comment was received.















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