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last modified 04/25/2017 - 10:19 AM

*Important Message*
As you may know, State Medicaid agencies are being directed by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to adopt fee-for service pharmacy payment policies designed to pay pharmacies for the actual acquisition cost of drugs plus a reasonable professional dispensing fee, based on the actual cost to the pharmacy of dispensing drugs to Medicaid members. Additional details can be found on the CMS Fact Sheet at this link:

A copy of the CMS Covered Outpatient Drugs Final Rule (CMS-2345FC) published on February 2, 2016 can be found on the Federal Register at this link: As part of this directive, beginning in September 2016 the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) invited all Medicaid enrolled pharmacies to participate in a pharmacy cost of dispensing survey, to analyze the cost of dispensing prescription medications to Vermont Medicaid members. The survey was partnered with the New England States Consortium Systems Organization (NESCSO) and the accounting firm of Myers and Stauffer LC, a reputable firm with extensive experience in pharmacy costs and reimbursement.

That survey is now complete, and can be found on the following link Survey of the Average Cost of Dispensing a Medicaid prescription in the State of Vermont – February 8, 2017

Communication notification to Pharmacies can be found by clicking on this link Implementation of New Pharmacy Pricing Rules  Effective April 1, 2017