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Vermont Medicaid is actively working with all provider types, partners and many state associations to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10 on October 1st, 2015.


ICD-10 Implementation Roadmap


Conduct a risk-driven assessment  ►  Assess financial risk of ICD-10 change  ►  Build current metrics as future benchmarks   ►  Outreach with key relationships

Develop comprehensive data strategy  ►   Educate your staff   ►   Conduct Testing    Plan for contingencies


ICD -10 Frequently Asked Questions


ICD-10 General FAQ (05/15/2015) -This FAQ addresses general questions relating to Vermont Medicai's Transition to ICD-10.


    May 2015  Update

    Previous Updates


    ICD-10 Provider Claim Testing Starts May 1st (04/10/2015) - Have you prepared for the transition? Are you ready to submit test claims with ICD-10 codes? Testing with Vermont Medicaid is your opportunity to make sure that you’re ready to submit ICD-10 claims on October 1, 2015.

    Looking Ahead to ICD-10 (4/1/2015) - This helps you understand ICD-10, its implications for your practice, and the steps you can take for a smooth transition and uninterrupted reimbursements. Please note that this publication is geared specifically to outpatient services.

    Dental providers (4/01/2015) - Learn how ICD-10 impacts you.



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    icd10logo.jpg    CONTACT US AT   Department of Vermont Health Access-Vermont Medicaid,  312 Hurricane Lane, Suite 201   Williston, VT 05495   
                                                            EMAIL:      PROVIDER SERVICES HELPDESK:  (800)-925-1706 or (802) 879-4450