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Roadmap to ICD-10 Implementation 

  1. Conduct a risk-driven assessment  
  2. Assess financial risk of ICD-10 change
  3. Build current metrics as future benchmarks
  4. Outreach with key relationships
  5. Develop comprehensive data strategy
  6. Educate your staff
  7. Conduct Testing
  8. Plan for contingencies


      March 2015 UPDATE


    Department of Vermont Health Access and its fiscal agent (HPES) strongly encourage all clearinghouses and billing services to work with their clients to prepare for testing. The test environment will be available starting on May 1st.


    ICD-10 General Announcement- This announcement applies to all Vermont Medicaid providers, clearinghouses and billing services

    In accordance with the Federal mandate (45 CFR 162 and H.R. 4302) to implement the new ICD-10 code set, the State of Vermont, Department of Health Access, is moving ahead with its preparations for the October 1, 2015 deadline


                                                                 ICD -10 Testing Announcement - This announcement applies to all Vermont applicable Medicaid Providers

    Vermont Medicaid has completed remediation of its ICD-10 Claims processing systems, and is ready to go! On May 1st, 2015 Vermont Medicaid will be opening up electronic claims test for the any Vermont Medicaid Provider who wishes to test with us. We’re ready, are you?




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    Vermont Medicaid is actively working with all provider types, partners and many state associations to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10 on October 1st, 2015.



    What is ICD-10?          Education resources        End-to-end testing resources     Physicians & Clinicians




    icd10logo.jpg    CONTACT US AT   Department of Vermont Health Access-Vermont Medicaid,  312 Hurricane Lane, Suite 201   Williston, VT 05495   
                                                            EMAIL:      PROVIDER SERVICES HELPDESK:  (800)-925-1706 or(802) 879-4450